Maintenance FAQ

What is "maintenance"?

When you buy a license for one of our products, you are purchasing the latest version of that software. Included with that purchase is one year of product maintenance, which entitles you to:
  1. Technical support via email
  2. Free upgrades to all major and minor releases of the software during the maintenance period
After the first year, you can opt to continue your maintenance for the next year by paying a small fee. You also have the option to decline another year of maintenance.

Will my software stop working if I don't continue maintenance?

No. Nothing will change with your current copy of the software. You can still run any version that was released within your initial year of maintenance, but you will not be eligible for email support or new product updates anymore. We encourage you to stay up to date because each new release contains bug fixes and new features, some of which are:
  • Support for newer word processor versions
  • Support for newer operating system versions
  • Performance improvements
  • Support for the very latest markup standards

What if I decide not to continue maintenance but then later want access to the newest version?

In this situation you will need to buy a full license for the latest version of the software.
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